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Building your website

mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

There is no doubt that the mobile-age of the Internet is upon us, with more and more people accessing the web on their mobiles, smart phones and touch pads. It is almost inconceivable for businesses not to have a mobile-friendly website… Or is it? Well, statistics show that across the world businesses are being much slower in the uptake of mobile sites than the growth of mobile web is demanding. Surprisingly, even some of the big Ecommerce players have not gone mobile friendly yet.

mobile friendly test


Browsing internet with desktop and laptop 64.57%
Browsing internet with mobile device 31.11%
Browsing internet with tablets 4.34%

Responsive Web Design Planning

Responsive web design maintains the look and feel of your website across different screen sizes and devices, to clearly communicate to, engage and educate your visitors. Responsive web design allows users on any device, including desktop, smartphone or tablet, to have the same experience.

Planning for a website requires that you connect to your customers by the following rules below:


The structure of the website, simpley depends upon the type of audience that you are trying to attract & the style of your business.


Maximum web users spend no more than half a minute on a website before deciding whether or not to continue using it or look elsewhere.


Your content needs to be presented in such a way that it provides useful information to your audience without giving them information overload.

Your website is the first impression most people will have about your business. It needs to make an impact immediately.


Web design is about building trust with your customers. Your site should convey information in a coherent way and be easy to navigate and easy to read, all while looking professional.